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Solar Programs

Business Solar Solutions

Solar Options For Everyone

From workplace installations and our buy back program, to non-installation options, our goal is to make solar an option for every Georgia Power customer.

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Rooftop Installations

Learn more about our behind-the-meter solar programs, including the new Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (RNR) program, and how to interconnect your system. 

custom savings program

Community Solar

Small Business Customers, you can solar without rooftop panels! Purchase a monthly Community Solar subscription and receive energy credits on your monthly bill based on the amount of energy produced at our solar farms.


Income-Qualified Community Solar Sponsor

Become a corporate sponsor to provide income qualified customers access to Community Solar generate energy at a discounted price. RECs will be retired on your behalf.

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Retail REC Retirement (R3)

Support your sustainability initiatives through a reallocation of the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from resources that are already online or currently in the development process.

We will retire the RECs on behalf of participating customers through an annual attestation allowing participants to receive the envronmental attributes. 

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Simple Solar Program

For businesses with usage less than 100,000 kwh per month, Georgia Power matches either 50% or 100% of customers electric energy usage with solar RECs and retires them on behalf of the participating customer, giving them the ability to claim the renewable benefits.

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Flex REC Program

For Georgia Power business customers who use ≥ 100,000 kWh of electric energy in a single month. Derived from solar, wind, and potentially other renewable sources, this program allows customers to meet their sustainability goals with Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

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Clean And Renewable Energy Subscription Program (CARES)

Georgia Power’s CARES Program allows commercial and industrial (C&I) customers to support their sustainability initiatives. Georgia Power will procure 2,100 megawatts (MW) of new renewable resources through power purchase agreements (PPAs) for subscription by C&I customers.

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Customer-Connected Solar Program

The Customer Connected Solar Program allows customers to partner with any solar developer to build a solar facility on, or adjacent to, the customer’s property. Georgia Power will purchase 100% of the energy generated.

Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

Georgia Power’s Distributed Generation Program allows solar developers to enter long-term contracts for projects ranging from 250kW to 6MW, in which Georgia Power purchases 100% of the renewable energy generated from the solar facility. 

Hosting Capacity Tool

The Hosting Capacity Tool is an interactive map showing an estimate of the distribution grid's hosting capacity within Georgia Power's service territory.

Distributed Generation Request for Proposal

The 2023 Distributed Generation Request for Proposals has launched its website for interested participants to register to receive up-to-date information. Georgia Power offers optional Interconnection Guidance to assist developers in determining the feasibility of their potential bids, with information linked below.

Reduce your carbon footprint with RECs.

No solar panels required.

There is no way to distinguish what part of the electricity at your location came from what energy source in our diverse fuel portfolio. The only way we have of tracking our renewable energy once it connects to the grid is through Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

1. We source energy + RECs

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is generated for every 1MWh of energy produced from renewable energy sources.

2. You purchase the RECs

Every month you'll receive a certificate for the value of RECs purchased through one of our solar programs.

3. You claim the renewable energy

We retire the RECs on your behalf, and you claim the energy credits to help meet your sustainability goals.


Have questions about our new solar programs and solutions?

Feel free to contact us with any general questions you may have in regards to the launch of our new solar programs.