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Lakes FAQs


Get the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Georgia Power lakes.

What types of boats are allowed on Georgia Power lakes?

Limitations on boats vary depending on the lake. Look for signs near boat ramps and call ahead to one of the local field offices listed on this site if you have questions on whether your boat will be permitted. State law prohibits the use of any vessel, specifically a houseboat, with a marine toilet, galley or sleeping quarters on any Georgia Power reservoir with the exception of Lake Sinclair.

How can I reserve a campsite or a pavilion at a Georgia Power park?

Call the park directly, or refer to the land management office. Campsite reservations must be made at least 10 days in advance and require a two-night minimum stay. You should specify the type of camping accommodations you will be using, such as a tent, trailer or camper. Reservations are available for the current season. Picnic pavilions, particularly those for large groups, may require reservations.

What are the office hours of the Georgia Power land management offices?

Offices are open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Why does the lake level fluctuate?

Lake levels may fluctuate because of varying amounts of rainfall and the volume of water that passes through the dam for electricity generation. Other factors contributing to level changes are scheduled and unscheduled drawdowns for maintenance of the dam, and government-mandated flow limits. Georgia Power strives to keep the lakes as close to full pool, within operating parameters, as possible.

How do I find a Georgia Power lake level?

Find more information on Georgia Power's lake levels here.

How do I file complaints regarding boating safety violations?

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Group has jurisdiction over all Georgia Power lakes. If you have an emergency, dial 911. If you want to report a violation, call the local county or city police. They have radio communications with the DNR Rangers. Some reservoirs are subject to multistate jurisdiction, as they fall on state borders.

Are Georgia Power lakes handicapped accessible?

Georgia Power outdoor recreation facilities offer areas accessible to people who use wheelchairs or have special physical limitations. Please call the local land management office to confirm whether your needs can be met at the facility you are planning to visit.

Where can I find more information on water safety and boating rules?

More information on water safety and boating rules can be found here.

I live on a Georgia Power lake. Where can I find more information for lake residents?

If you live on a Georgia Power lake, more information pertaining to lake residents can be found at

I am interested in volunteering for a Georgia Power lake. Where can I find more information on local volunteer programs?

We are thrilled you are interested in volunteering. Please click here for more information on local programs.